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Looking for a used limousine is an important task. With so many options on the market, you want to be sure you are making the right decision. Be a patient shopper and never rush into any deal. We’ve outlined a few things for you to consider regarding your next big purchase. Don’t forget to visit our “LIMOS FOR SALE” section. We only list vehicles from companies with a quality reputation and limousines. Many of these vehicles have been serviced and inspected by our maintenance staff.


Before making any calls or arrangements it’s helpful to know what you are qualified to buy. There is nothing wrong with shopping the market for limos for sale but only shop within your means. Limo owners are busy people and prefer to only speak with serious buyers. It’s a better idea to pester the lending companies first. Before locking yourself into any financing contracts shop their offers, rates and parameters. Once your money is set, you will most likely get a better deal if your are ready to purchase immedietely.
Lastly, there is nothing wrong with dreaming big but in today’s economy you must be cautious. If you are a start-up company, don’t over extend yourself right out the gates. Find a used limo for sale that fits your budget and doesn’t put added pressure on your bank account.



It is imperative to properly inspect any used limousine for sale. Never rely on pictures from the internet to tell you the tale. Ask the seller to provide you with recent photos. These photos should include pictures of the speedometer, door jams, trunk, engine, driver’s compartment, passenger’s compartment and under carriage. A motivated seller will have these pictures readily available and should send immediately. If you like what you see, your next step should be to arrange a meeting with the seller to inspect the vehicle.


The internet makes life easy when it comes to simple back ground checks. Be sure to run a car fax on the limo you are considering. Always request a copy of the title and ask the seller regarding any liens the vehicle may have. It is common for a bank or leasing company to hold the title for 1-2 weeks before releasing their collateral. Nowadays, fraud is something to cautious of.


Always be sure to get your agreements in writing. Be sure all warranties, VIN numbers, details and final sale prices are listed on the Bill-of-sale. A limo for sale is a big purchase and should be treated as such. Never leave a deposit or final payment without something signed.


If you are trying to sell a used limo, be prepared for lots of questions and tire kickers. It’s common and should be expected. Treat all inquiries as if they are important potential buyers. Take as many photos as you can and keep them readily available to send out as a moments notice. If you have a limo for sale, be sure to fix all of its imperfections before you list it. Even though it’s a used limo, take the time required to make it presentable.