Party Bus Builders and Exotic Limousine Manufacturing Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversions

Many people ask us about where we come up with our party bus designs. Honestly as much as we would love to take all of the credit, it's not always us. When we first sit down with our customers, we try to get a feel for what they are trying to accomplish. Important questions such as these listed below must be answered:

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Crazy Interiors

– Target market
– Budget
– Capacity
– Bells and whistles
– Personal preferences

Once we get a get a firm grasp on what they would like to see out of their party bus, we begin our mission. Considering our party buses are completely custom, our clients have plenty of say with the party bus design along the way. The most important part about building any party bus is the end user but it’s also very important to capture the owner’s personality as well. It makes perfect sense. If you are the one selling the vehicle to your customers for service, don’t’ you want to feel extra proud of it? If you do, it will ultimately lead to better sales. Our customers have great ideas and we love working with each and every one. Every coach built is like a new challenge. Nothing is ever the same.

Some of our recent challenges have been dealing with older buses. It has been a common thing to convert older coaches into party machines. This is a great and profitable endeavor but there are things to consider.

1) Be sure to get a thorough maintenance inspection of your coach prior to converting it. It’s imperative to make any repairs prior to enhancing your buses interior.

2) Be sure to always have a layout on paper with all of your expectations in writing. This will help avoid mis-communications about the important details.

3) Stay in good contact with your builder along the way. It never hurts to ask for pictures regarding the progress. Communication is always key to a successful build.

4) Be realistic. A builder typically works with a set budget. If you need something more simply ask for it but don’t get surprised if there is an additional cost. We are all big dreamers.

Whom ever you choose to build your next dream, we wish you big success and happiness with your future money making machine!



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